Where can I find Routing Number on Debit card or Credit Card

A debit card  or credit card has different numbers on the front and at the back of the card, and a lot of people assume that they can find a routing number on debit card or credit card.

This is not the case!

If you are wondering where to find your routing number on your debit card or credit card, a quick answer is No! You will not be able to find routing number on your debit card or credit card.


This article will explain how you can go about finding the routing number FOR your debit card or credit card.

What is the Routing Number For Debit Card or Credit card?

A debit card is issued by your bank as a instant transaction device ( buy now and pay now), that is linked to your current or checking account, this account on its own, will have a routing number.

A credit card on the other hand, is issued to allow you to draw from account, as in buy now and pay later.

Both debit and credit cards are more or less linked to a current or checking account that allows you to pay what you owe (otherwise it would be free money right!).

What you should be looking for is the routing number for your checking account. If you have been issued checks for that account, then the best place to look is on the check. You will see a 9 digit number at the bottom left of the check.

Things to Note:

  • Most banks have multiple routing number for different bank transactions
  • Routing numbers are location (region/state )based, so make sure you use the routing number for the bank location where you opened your account.
  • Most banks have the routing number info on their website
  • Most banks have the routing number on the bank deposit slip, so you pick up the deposit slip from the branch where you opened your account
  • To be safe, contact your banks customer service and ask for the correct routing number for the bank transaction you intend to carry out.
  • debit card routing number and debit card routing number are more or less the same as that of your checking account that is linked to the card
  • If you have a savings account and a checking account with the same bank and branch, if you already know your routing number for your savings account, then this is most likely the same as the debit card linked account.


What are the numbers on a debit card then?

A debit card has its own unique 16 digit number on the front for visa, MasterCard or american express, or even prepaid cards.  You will also find the expiry date at the front.

If you have a UK based debit card, you will find that this contains your account number and your bank sort code as well.

At the back of the debit card, you will find the CVV code, which is a special card security code that you will need to provide for most online transactions.

The best place to get your routing number for your debit or credit card is at your bank or credit card provider. Go into any branch and speak to a staff.

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