Routing Number on Check: With Examples of Suntrust, PNC, TD, Capital one, Citibank, Wells Fargo and Bank of America

It is relatively easy to find your routing number on check for your checking account. Most banks in the united states issue a check for customers current accounts. A


routing number on bank check

The routing number on bank check is pretty much standard across all banks in the sense that it is 9 digits in number, and it represents the location of the bank so that money meant for that location  can be easily identified sent there. The routing number on a bank check can be found in 2 ways. either at the bottom among the MICR digits, or an R/T000000000 or ACH 000000000 which will always be 9 digits long

routing number on a checking account

Some people have a checking account but they do not have a check. A checking account is simple any current you hold at any bank. You can  find your routing number on  a checking account by logging into your internet banking platform or visiting your branch to find the correct number as different banks have different routing accounts for different purposes. Your banks customer service will be able to provide you with this information also.

What Is The Routing Number on a Check Location

The routing Number on a check is usually located at the bottom left of the check, that is the first number from left to right which must be 9 in number. This location is the same for most banks, as most checks have the same kind of format.

Depending on the check, e.g on a Bank of America check, you could also be located under the amount in words, you would see something like ACH R/T 123456789, this number in the ACH routing or transit number and they mean the same  thing.

Is the routing number always first on a check?

For most U.S banks and financial institutions, the checkbook routing number is always first on a check. If your the first set of numbers at the bottom of your check is not 9 digits, then you need to look for any set of numbers on the check that have 9 digits

Where is the routing number on business check

A business check is more or less a bank draft that is written against a business checking account, sometimes, the routing number could be at the middle. Depending on the anatomy of your business check, to identify routing number on check, you ought to be looking for a 9 digit number at the bottom.

Where is the routing number location on a personal check

The routing number on a personal/cashier’s check is usually at the bottom left


Is ABA and routing number the same?

Yes, the ABA number on a check is the same as the routing number. It can also be known as the ABA transit number, ACH routing number or the RTN number.

Where is check routing number located?

Should you use the routing number on a check for all transactions?


Even if you can locate the routing number on your check, this does not mean  you should always use it for all electronic banking transaction. Your bank might have a different routing number, for a specific transaction, e.g domestic and international wire transfers. The safest bet is to always consult your bank before your send or receive any money into or out of your account, so that your money does not go to the wrong account.

Is the routing number the same for checking and savings?

The routing number will be  the same for check and savings if you opened both accounts with the same bank and in the same state. The account numbers will be different though

What is the routing number on a capital one check?

The routing number on a capital one check  is the first 9 digits at the bottom left of your own check..

Is MICR same as routing number on my check?

The MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, which is the information that appears at the bottom of every bank check, These are 3 sets of numbers; the bank routing number, check number and the customer, all 3 sets of numbers make up the MICR, therefore the MICR is not totally the same as the routing number, but a routing number is part of the MICR.

Where can I find my routing number without check

Most banks have this information on their website online. If you have an online banking login with your bank, you should be able to find this information within your checking or savings account details when you sign in. Otherwise, you should be able to walk into any of your bank branches to ask for this information, or call their customer service and let them know what transaction you intend to carry out and they will be able to tell you the correct routing number to use for your transaction

routing number on a check bank of america

See an example of a routing number on a Bank of America check

Routing Number on Check TD Bank

Here is an example of where to find  the routing number on a TD bank check

routing number on check td bank

routing number on check capital one

routing number on check citibank

Here is an example of where to find the routing number on a citibank check

routing number on check pnc

See a sample routing number on a PNC bank check, alternatively, you can use the PNC Bank transfer routing tool from their website.

routing number on check suntrust

Number 1 and 3 is where you can find a routing number on a suntrust check

routing number on check us bank

routing number on check wells fargo

Here is an example of a wells fargo check showing the routing number

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