Chase Routing Number Washington – 325070760

If you bank with any branch of Chase bank in Washington, then when making any payment transaction from your account, do not be surprised if you are asked for the Chase Routing Number, Washington.

If you are not sure what this number is, then this article will clarify which  Chase WA routing number you need to use for your normal day to day deposits and which one to use when sending or receiving international wire transfers.


What is Chase Routing Number, Washington.

Also known as a chase ABA or ACH number, Chase routing number in Washington is a 9 digit code that the federal reserve bank uses to process fedwire money transfers so that these funds can easily get to its location.

Chase routing number for Washington is 325070760, usually used for regular bill payments, direct deposits, and day to day automated electronic transfers. This number is used for savings account, business accounts and checking current accounts.

325070760 should never be used for wire transfers as chase uses a different number to process wire transfers

Chase bank wire routing number for Washington is 021000021. This number should be used if you are expecting some one to send you money from abroad, or if you are processing domestic wires.

You will need details of Chase bank swift code and address for incoming wire transfers.

Can money be withdrawn from my account without my Washington Chase routing number?

It is important for every customer to safe guard their account number, debit or credit card number, cvv code, in order to prevent any fraudulent activities going through your account.

If someone gets a hold of your account details, or your online banking details, and attempts to withdraw money from your account without your knowledge, they will need an ABA number to complete an ACH payment,

It is very easy to get this number online, all the fraudster  has  to do is google washington state chase routing number,  chase routing number WA or chase routing number Washington state and they will get the Washington routing number to complete a bank transaction.

The reason is because a routing number is specific to the bank and not specific to the customer. It is a number used by all chase branches in Washington state, so every customer that opened their Chase bank account in WA is going to automatically be assigned this routing number.

If someone has attempted to take money from your account without your knowledge, then you need to contact your bank immediately.

How can I confirm my WA  Chase routing number

If you have a checking account and have been issued a check for it, look for your routing number at the bottom left of the check. This will be the first number that contains 9 digits.

Another good place to look for this number is on your deposit slip. You will see a number starting with RT. But make sure the deposit slip you use belongs to that of a chase branch in Washington DC. That of any other state would be wrong.

Is chase Seattle routing number different?


Chase has 5 branches and 5 ATM locations in WA. chase washington routing number –325070760 is the same for Seattle, Tacoma,   Kent, Vancouver, East Wenatchee, Ellensburg, Chelan, Ephrata.

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