Chase routing number in Ohio -044000037

If you have a chase bank account in Ohio, in order  to carry out  a regular payment transaction from your checking, savings or business account, direct deposits, etc, the bank will require you provide the chase routing number in Ohio; before your transaction can be processed.

What number is this!

Read further to find out the correct chase routing number to use for Ohio, as well as which one to use for domestic and international wire transfers.

What is Chase Routing Number In Ohio

A routing number is a 9 digit number assigned to banks to help identify a bank for ease of payment allocation. It operates like a zip code or a warehouse for a bank, in the sense that it identifies the bank where money should be sent to or taken from.With millions of bank transactions done daily, this number helps prevent chaos, in that federal reserve bank can send all the payments to this warehouse, and the warehouse can then further allocate it to the different customers.

Chase routing number for Ohio is 044000037, for all chase bank branches in Ohio. It is used when transacting direct deposits, electronic payments etc.

044000037 CANNOT be used for wire transfers as JPMorgan chase has a special number for this.

Chase bank wire routing number for Ohio is 021000021 which is a special number to be used for domestic and international wires.

Note that for incoming international wires, you will need a swift code and swift address to complete the transaction.

Can I find my ohio chase routing number on my billing statement


You will not be able to find your chase Ohio routing number on your billing statement. However, your billing statement will have a phone number you can call, and a customer service attendant will be able to furnish you with this number.

Alternatively, if you have a check, this number will be at the bottom of your check. Look for a number that is 9 digits long. This will usually be the first number from the bottom, left to right.

Also, your deposit slip should have an R/T number that is also 9 digits long. If using a deposit slip to find the Chase routing number for Ohio, then you must make sure that your bank account was opened in Ohio, and the deposit slip is from a chase branch based in OH. Using that of another state will void your transaction.

If you have signed up for online banking, then when you log in, click the last 4 digits of your account number and this should pull up the necessary information or scroll down to the bottom of the page, under resources, click routing number, and this should bring up a list of all chase bank routing numbers, You just need to choose one for the state where you opened you account.

Can You Change Your Chase Routing Number for Ohio.

Not really!

The routing number 044000037 is more or less the “computer address” for all the chase savings and checking and business bank accounts belonging to the different Chase OH customers.

If you are moving from Ohio to another state, and you are wondering if you can change your routing number, then there is really no reason to change it. In fact, you cannot change it unless you decide to close that account completely.

If you close it completely, and then open a new account in the new state you have relocated to, then the new state will have its own umbrella routing number to cover your bank account.

You should not worry much about changing this number, all you should care about is making sure you provide the correct number and your account number for a banking transaction when requested to do so. The function of the Ohio chase routing number is to make sure that your money gets to your bank account.

Can I use a routing number from a branch closest to my house

Unfortunately, you cannot afford to pick and choose any routing number you like. ACH numbers are location/state specific. Which number you use, will strongly depend on the location where your account was opened. If your account was opened in Ohio, then you must use the chase bank ohio routing number.

If you opened your account in say New Jersey, but you now live in Ohio, then you must use the chase bank new jersey routing number


Is columbus ohio chase bank routing number the same as that of Dayton


chase routing number in columbus ohio is the same as that of Dayton. 044000037 has been assigned to all chase branches in Ohio, assigned by the American Banking Association. It is also the same for the following OH areas. akron, athens, alliance, new albany, belpre, cincinnatti, columbus, dayton, delaware, dover, dublin,  eaton, north east, findlay, fairborn, greenville, gahanna, hilliard, kent,lima, lorain, lancaster, marion, mansfield, mentor, marietta, miamisburg, middletown, mason, medina, milford,oxford, pickerington, parma,ravenna, strongsville, sidney, stow, troy, westerville, warren, wooster, xenia, youngstown, zanesville.

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