chase routing number for nevada -322271627

Chase bank has a good customer patronage in Nevada, with about 48 branches and 53 ATMs.   A lot of these customers have one thing in common, for the most part, they are either sending money to someone, or receiving money from someone.

To successfully send or receive money, these customers  often get asked to provide their Chase routing number for Nevada.

What is this number?


This article will show you the correct chase bank routing number to use when moving funds from a Nevada based Chase bank account.

What is the correct Chase routing number for Nevada?

Chase Nevada routing number is 322271627This is a unique number that makes it easy for the federal reserve bank to identify all payments that belong to Chase branches in NV, so that they can be sent there.

322271627 is often used for bank transactions such as direct deposits, for depositing money into a customers savings or checking account, etc. Do not use this number when making domestic and international wire payments as Chase uses a different number for wires

Chase Nevada wire routing number is 021000021. This number should be used if you want to make an international wire transfer to or from abroad.

Before you make a critical payment, make sure you confirm from your bank which routing number to use, because often times, the bank uses a separate number from the one mentioned above, for special  types of transactions. You cannot afford to use the wrong ACH or ABA routing number as your payment will be voided. Remember it is your responsibility to give the correct information, so call customer service or walk into a branch if you are unsure.

What is the best place to look for my Chase Nevada Routing Number?

Your chase ABA number for Nevada can be easily found at the bottom of your check. It is the number that is 9 digits long.

If you have a deposit slip for any chase branch in Nevada, this number will also be there. It will be an RT number. In case you go out of state and you want to pay in money into your savings or checking account, note that you cannot use the number from a deposit slip from another state.

Alternatively, you can log into your online banking and check there. This will be at the bottom of the page under resources. Click through to find all Chase bank routing numbers and choose the one for Nevada.

Does my Nevada routing number change when I relocate to another state?

If you move to another state, as long as you do not close your chase bank account which you opened in Nevada, then the routing number will stay the same. If maybe you moved to Louisiana, and then close the Nevada account and open one in Louisiana then the new account will carry the routing number for Louisiana.

Is the Chase Las Vegas routing number the same as Henderson?


As long as the chase bank branch is based in Nevada, then 322271627 will be the number to use when sending money electronically for savings accounts and checking accounts opened in Nevada.




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