Chase Routing Number For Michigan is 072000326 For Online Payments

Have you ever tried to set up a direct debit or receive/ send and online payment to your chase bank savings or checking account? Did the vendor ask you to provide  your a chase routing number for Michigan?

What the heck……..??

Well, a Michigan chase routing number is a major requirement to provide to successfully move funds to and fro one Chase bank account to any other account in the state of Michigan. This number can also be known as ACH number, ABA number, Transit number.

What is this? and where can you find it?

This article will show you the correct Chase bank Michigan routing number to use for your daily banking transactions, as well as answer some questions you might have concerning this.

What is Chase routing number for Michigan?

Chase bank routing number in Michigan is 072000326. This number is generally used for transactions like direct debits, savings account deposits, and regular bank to bank electronic online payments. You cannot use it for domestic wire and international wire transfers as there is another number Chase bank uses for this.

Chase wire routing number for Michigan is 021000021. You can use this number for incoming and out going  domestic and international wire  transfers from your chase bank account. 

Apart from these two routing numbers, the bank might have some more depending on the type of transaction you are carrying out. To prevent any issues with your transaction, it is always advisable to contact your bank to provide you with the correct ABA number that will suit the type of bank transaction you intend to carry out.

Where can I find my Chase Michigan ABA Number

A quick place to lookup your Chase Michigan routing number is on your check or on your deposit slip.

On your check, there are 3 sets of numbers at the bottom, the one that has 9 digits will be your routing number.

On your deposit slip, you should see an R/T number somewhere at the top, as long as the deposit slip is from a chase MI branch, and your account was opened in Michigan, then you will be able to use this number.

If you have online banking login, this info is also there, under Resources>>check routing information.

Is there a separate chase Detroit routing number ?


072000326 has been assigned to Chase bank, for all its branches in Michigan. Therefore, all checking accounts and savings account that were opened in a JPMorgan Chase bank in MI will have this same routing number.

How does this work?

If for example you are expecting your IRS refund, you will be asked to provide you routing number and your bank account. In a nutshell, when the money is sent, the routing number will Fedwire to get your money to your bank location(Michigan) and your  bank account will help get the money to you.

All these cities in Michigan will share the same routing number as long as chase bank has a branch there; ann arbor, dearborn heights, detroit, flint. fenton, holland, auburn hills, farmington hills, port huron, rochester hills, sterling heights, kalamazoo, livonia, landing, lapeer,muskegon, novi, northville,oxford,pontiac, plymouth, portage, troy, taylor, waterford, warren, westland,ypsilanti, grand rapids.


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