Chase Routing Number For Georgia -061092387

For most employees, the one option to receive their paychecks is by a direct deposit, where your employer will send the money directly into checking or savings bank account at the end of the week or month.

Your company will give you a direct deposit form to fill out, that will require you to fill in your bank account number as well as a routing number.

If you are a Chase bank customer who opened your account in Georgia, you will need to provide a Chase routing number for Georgia.

This article will discuss the correct chaser routing number to use for GA.


What is the correct Chase routing number GA?

chase bank routing number for Georgia is 061092387 . This number is used for day to day online payments, direct deposits to and fro your checking or savings account, etc. It is a unique number that the federal reserve bank uses to identify payments that belong to all chase branches in Georgia.

If you plan to make a domestic or international wire payment, you will need a different wire routing number.

Chase wire routing number in Georgia is 021000021,  which is used when sending or receiving wire payments within the USA or from abroad.

Where can I find my chase routing number for Georgia.

There are 3 easy ways of finding your Chase GA routing number; on your check, a deposit slip, or when you log into your internet banking account.

On Check: If you have a check book for your checking account, look for it at the bottom of the check. You will see 3 sets of numbers, the first number is usually 9 digits long. This is your Georgia chase routing number. The second number will be your bank account and the third is your check number. The routing number and your bank account number are the two numbers you need  to successfully set up a direct deposit.

On deposit slip:  If depositing money into your savings of checking account and you fill out a deposit slip, this slip will have the chase Georgia routing number on it. Look for A 9 digit R/T********* number. As long as the deposit slip is for a Chase branch in Georgia, this will be valid.

Internet Banking:  When you log into your internet banking dashboard, scroll down to resources, and click routing number lookup. This will bring out a list of routing numbers for the different states. You will just have to choose the routing number for the state where you opened your account.

My Mom and I use the same Chase branch, does that mean we have the same Georgia Chase bank routing number?


The JPMorgan chase routing number in Georgia is pretty much the same for all savings and current accounts that were opened in GA. Think of the routing number as a warehouse address for all the chase bank accounts in Georgia. Money is sent to the warehouse first, then the warehouse processes the money into your own bank account.

Is there a different Chase Atlanta routing number?


Chase bank Atlanta routing number is 061092387, which is the same with these other cities;  alpharetta, duluth, decatur, douglasville, kennesaw,lawrenceville, lithonia, marietta, stone mountain, snellville, stockbridge,union city, woodstock.


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