Chase Florida Routing Number Is 267084131 -For Savings Accounts

Do you have a chase bank account in Florida?  are  you wondering which  chase Florida routing number you should use for your  savings account or checking account?

This article will show you  the correct chase routing number for Florida, which you should use for direct direct deposits as well as wire transfers.

Chase bank has about 59 branches in Florida and a lot of bank customers usually assume that their Chase branch in Florida has its own routing number.

This is not the case!!

What is Chase Routing Number in Florida?.

Chase Florida routing number  for your savings and checking account is 267084131. It is a special number that the American Banking Association has allocated to all chase bank branches in Florida.

routing number 267084131 can be used when you want to deposit money into your savings account or checking account, if you want to set up a direct debit, IRS etc.

But wait!

You will not be able to use this number for international or domestic wire transfers. Chase bank has a different number they use for processing wire payments

Chase Florida wire routing number is 021000021

chase business routing number in florida should be 267084131, but to be on the safe side, always confirm with your bank before transacting because the bank might have a different ABA number for the transaction you intend to carry out. Do not assume that florida chase routing number is a one size fits all thing.

What will happen if I use the wrong chase bank routing number for florida?

We are  talking about hard earned money, so it is better to be safe than sorry. In most cases, if you use the wrong routing number, the bank will just void the payment and return the money to its origin. However, if it is an urgent payment, your could waste time as it could take up to 7 working days or more to rectify the error.

What if you have an abracadabra scenario where your money simply disappears:):):)……….


I plan to move from Florida to New York, can I still use the Florida chase routing number for my savings account while in New York?


Routing numbers sort of identifies what state your account was opened. If you are moving from Florida to any other state, this should not affect the routing number of your savings or current account as long as that account remains open. If you decide to close it and open another chase account, then which ever location/state you open it at will have its own transit number.

Is my Routing number on my deposit slip?

Yes. A typical chase deposit slip will have the routing number on it. Make sure you only use the routing number for the state in which you opened your account. You cannot have a chase florida account and then want to use a chase california deposit slip. This will not work. Check for an RT number on the deposit slip,

Another good place to check for your chase fl routing number is on your check. This will be the 9 digit number at the bottom of the check.


Is JPMorgan Chase routing number in Miami different from other florida branches?


Miami shares the same  florida routing number as these other cities broward, orlando, west palm beach, sunrise, apopka, bradenton, brandon, palm bay, boynton beach, pompano, delray beach,doral, davie, miami gardens, hollywood, homestead, hialeah, winter haven, jacksonville, jupiter, kissimmee, largo, lakeland, fortauderdale, miami, melbourne, miramar, fort myers, lake mary, north miami,oviede, ocala, plantation, st petersburg, pembroke pines, south florida, sarasota, stuart, sanford,tamarac, tampa, venice, wellington, weston, lake worth,

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