Chase Arizona routing number -122100024 -Used To Send Money Online

If you bank with JPMorgan Chase and you want to send money online, it is important to use the correct Chase Arizona routing number. This information is required if you want to do a direct deposit or a wire transfer in branch or online.

Chase bank has about 170 branches and 170 ATM locations in Arizona where customer go to carry out their banking activities on a daily basis. As a result of the many branches, some customers get confused about which chase bank routing number they should use for their transfer.

What is Chase Arizona routing number?

Chase Arizona routing number is 122100024 which is a unique identifying number  which the American Banking Association has given to all chase banks in Arizona, so the federal reserve bank can easily process all payments that are going to any chase branch in AZ.

122100024 should be used for things like direct deposits, deposit money into savings or checking accounts, or normal day to day online transfers. You cannot use this for wire transfers though, because Chase bank has a separate routing number for wire transfers

Chase Arizona wire routing number 021000021, for send and receiving domestic and international wire transfers.

Note that the bank offers different services that might require a specific routing number for that particular service. You should always contact your bank to ensure that you are using the correct ACH number when sending money online.

What CAN Happen If you use the wrong Chase Arizona routing number?

Entering the wrong routing number could cause a whole lot of delay in your transfer, for example, if you are transferring money from paypal to your chase bank account, your paypal account might be showing that the transaction has gone through, but this will not reflect on your bank account.

Yes paypal has processed their end, but when it comes to the end of your bank, the bank will have problems allocating the funds as they have no record of any location or customer with the wrong details you have provided. The bank will have to void the  transaction and return  the funds back to paypal. If you need the funds urgently, this will not be  good as the back and forth could take up to 2-3 business working days or more.

Can I use the same Chase Arizona routing number if I move to another city?

Your chase bank routing number; Arizona will remain the same even when you have moved to another city. E.G, if you have moved to Colorado, as long as you do not close your account, it does not change. However, if you close your account and then open a new one with chase bank in Colorado, this new account will now use  the chase ABA number for colorado.

Where can I find my chase routing number for my Arizona savings account?

If your bank has issued you a deposit slip booklet, then this information should be on there. It will be a 9 digit number routing transit number R/T000000000. Otherwise, you can grab a deposit slip in one of the branches in AZ.


Also, if you have a checking account and have been issued a check book, the routing number will be on one of the checks. This will be the 9 digit number at the bottom of the check. You can also look for this information via your online banking platform

Chase bank routing number on check

Is The chase routing number in phoenix az the same for all branches in Arizona

Yes! chase routing number phx, AZ is the same as that of all the cities like azusa, maricopa,tucson,phoenix, san luis, yuma, good year, tempe. nogales, avondale, buckeye, gilbert, glendale, casa grande,kingman, mesa, phx. prescott valley, peoria, surprise, scottsdale, safford, sierra vista, kingman,cottonwood,bullhead, chandler.

As long as your chase bank account was opened in Arizona, then 122100024 is what you should use for the most part when you want to send money online.



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